Farmosa Holiday Tour(S) Pte Ltd’s (FHT) - 38 years of phenomenal and stable growth have been well recognized by people all around Asia.

In 1982, we opened our doors to serve enthusiastic travellers and provide them excellent service by our professional team and since then we have been servicing about 80 thousand clients annually. Our teams consist of highly qualified and experienced personnel who are people-oriented and possess in-depth knowledge of the tourism business, with information all at their fingertips.

As a member of National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) and International Air Transport Association (IATA), we are a respectable company. FHT, as a reputable travel agent in Singapore is maintaining its high standard of quality product and gracious hospitality, and enhancing the traveller's choice of leisure travel packages, cruises, coaches and air ticketing. Today, FHT has staff strength of 30.

FHT has been focusing its core business in Malaysia since its first operation for the past two decades. Over the years, FHT has built strong rapport and relationship with Malaysia hoteliers, land operators, airlines and most importantly the MTPB.

Besides Malaysia, FHT also offers various packages to Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Europe, North and South America based on the traveller’s demand. Not only does FHT specialize in providing free and easy packages, it coordinates conferences and offers seminar packages for various organizations as well.