Tour Itinerary Dep Date: 28 Apr, 09, 23 Jun,13,27 Jul, 06,23 Aug, 01, 16 Sep 2017

  • Day 1

    Singapore - FUKUOKA

  • Day 2

    FUKUOKA-BEPPU / ASO HOT SPRING (meal on Board/ Lunch /Dinner)

            - Sapporo Beer Factory ~ Sapporo beer is the best beer in Japan. This high quality beer is brewed from selected materials and good waters of Hita, Kyushu. Let’s discover the production of beer and have some sample of this freshly brewed Sapporo Beer!

           - Yufuin is located on a flat river basin surrounded by mountains. The most prominent feature of Yufuin’s skyline is the twin-peaked Mount Yufu, which hovers over the town and serves as the backdrop for many scenic views.

           - Umi Jigoku is one of the most beautiful hells in Beppu. The “sea hell” features a pond of boiling, blue water

  • Day 3


    Mount Aso ~ the symbol of Kumamoto Prefecture, once known as Hi no Kuni or The Land of Fire. It is the largest active volcano in Japan that still shows signs of volcanic activity today.

           Aso Kusasenri ~ a dynamic panorama of grass covered plain. The beauty here will definitely melt the heart of natural lovers.

           Takamori Yusui Tunnel Park ~ before it becomes a park, the National Railway was constructing a railway here and they found a water resource under the ground while digging a tunnel. ‘Takamori Tanabata Festival” is held inside this tunnel every year in July, and many visitors enjoy     walking in the cool air during the hot summer.

           Board a ferry from Kumanoto Port to Shimabara Port, Nagasaki.

           Nagasaki Shopping Street ~ the most famous walking and shopping street in Nagasaki

  • Day 4

    TOKYO – NARITA  - FUKUOKA (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)

    On August 9, 1945an atomic bomb was dropped in Nagasaki. As a result, it became the second area in Japan struck by Atomic Bomb followed by Hiroshima. Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum remembers the explosion of the atomic bomb that devastated Nagasaki at 11:02:34am on 9 August 1945.  Peace Memorial Park & Monument was built to commemorate the atomic blast of Nagasaki. The 9.7 meter high Peace Statue sits in the park, symbolizing the Nagasaki citizens’ wish for peace. Yanagawa River is the most famous water township in Kyushu. The captain will explain you the history of Yanagawa City while taking a ride on the river cruise.  Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine is the most famous Shinto Shrine, dedicated to the spirit of Sugawara Michizane, a scholar and politician of Heian Period. Due to his great learning, he has been associated with Tenjin, a Shinto deity of education and is popular among students.

  • Day 5

     FUKUOKA - FACTORY OUTLET MALL - FUKUOKA (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)

     Fukuoka Castle Ruins (Maizuru Park) ~ Fukuoka Castle used to be the largest castle on Kyushu, but it was almost completely tom down after the Meiji Restoration as an unwanted symbol of the feudal past. Nowadays only ruined walls and a few turrets remain and the park attracts visitors with walking trails and a few lookout points.   Factory Outlet ~ the famous shopping outlet in Japan where branded shopping items are available here.  Tenjin ~ is one the the commercial area in Fukuoka. This area is the shopper’s paradise where you can find department stores, restaurant, yatai (food stalls), entertainment spots etc.   Nakasu ~ Kyushu’s number one entertainment and nightlife district. It is also the red light district in Fukuoka.   .

  • Day 6


     Enjoy shopping and explore around Osaka station on your own 

  • Day 7

    KYOTO – ARASHIYAMA  - SAGANO -OSAKA (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)

    Arashiyama is one of the most popular sightseeing areas of Kyoto. The scenic beauty Arashiyama and Sagano has attracted princes, poets and writers since the Heian age.  Sagano Bamboo Groove ~ enjoys strolling through the alley, with feeling touch of nature and visiting places associated with Japanese classic. Sagano Romantic Train ~ enjoys the seasonal landscape spring time cherry blossoms, the limpid river in summer, autumn maples/  Fushimi Inari Shrine is an important Shinto shrine in southern Kyoto. It is well-known for its thousands of vermillion tori gates, which straddle a network of trails behind its main buildings.  Osaka most prosperous commercial area ~ SHINSAIBASHI is the place which collected fashion, food and night life. The delicious Japanese Ramen also can be found here!

  • Day 8

    KANSAI -SINGAPORE (Breakfast - Meal on Board)


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